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Tea Pot Tea Infuser

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Our tea infuser is perfect for loose, dried tea leaves, by steeping or brewing, in a mug or a teapot full of hot water.


Each type of infuser operates in its own way. Tea balls and shaped infusers usually split down the middle so the tea can be placed in one side before closing the vessel. With spoon-style infusers, a handle must be squeezed to open up the ball on the end. 

How To Use

Measure the correct amount of tea into the infuser for the number of cups you're making. This information can be found on the canister or pouch that holds the tea.

For the optimal steep, you should pre-warm your cup or pot to keep the water temperature even as the tea steeps. To do this, fill it with hot tap water and let it sit while the water for the tea is heating up. Make sure to heat the water to the correct temperature for the variety of tea you’re steeping to extract its flavor and avoid bitterness.

Place the filled infuser in the pot or cup, and pour the hot water in to allow the tea to steep; you’ll need six ounces of water for each teaspoon of loose leaf tea. Green tea usually requires about three minutes while black tea needs three to five. White tea only needs one to three minutes while herbal teas may take more than five. Check the correct steeping time and take a sip of the tea to decide if it needs lemon, sugar, honey, or milk.

At home or on the go, loose tea is a wonderful choice for any tea lover. Once you’ve chosen the best tea infuser for you, you'll always enjoy excellent flavor from your favorite loose tea varieties.