About Us

Where Plants Meet Science

We are an innovative brand is known for its premium, affordable and highly effective products. Our team of scientists, engineers and business professionals are committed to helping you unlock your full potential by offering sustainable solutions for living a healthy, active and fulfilled life with a balanced mind, body & soul.

We explore the powerful relationship between human beings and the natural world. Our advanced complementary medicines and nutraceutical products are produced using responsibly-sourced quality ingredients and enhanced with innovative technology. All of our product ingredients are responsibly sourced from credible suppliers with all the necessary compliance certifications.

Oliō is a South African based, scientifically-backed, Health and Wellness brand driven by our desire to fulfil your lifestyle and health needs. Our team pays close attention to the constantly evolving international market in order to stay updated and even ahead of the current/evolving trends.

Our passion lies in working with complementary combinations of synergistic bio-compounds and actives to produce purpose-specific products designed for enriched effectiveness. We strongly believe in the power behind (and base our formulations on) the Entourage Effect, whereby individual/isolated ingredients may exhibit certain therapeutic effects but the combination of various actives will exhibit enhanced innate effects as well as produce additional novel effects.