Novel Technology

We pride ourselves on our ability to create unique products that are not only extremely competitive in terms of their prices, but also regarding their effectiveness and bioavailability. We want to maximise your experience by allowing you to minimise your necessary dosage.

Ultrasonic Nanoemulsion Technology

This technology makes use of ultrasonic frequency impulses to neutralise the net charge of a solution (water, oils, waxes, fats) causing its microscopic clumps of macromolecules to separate and disperse into nanoparticles.

This process does not damage/degrade the product but rather increases its ability to be absorbed by your body, with between 400% to 1000% more efficacy, compared to normal CBD.

This incredibly effective form of CBD allows for substantially increased absorption rate, capacity, and bioavailability of the bioactives, meaning that a much lower dose is required to have the same effects as normal CBD oil.

Spiral Biotechnology

This is a completely unique process which has not been seen in the cannabis industry, internationally, yet!

It is an ultramodern approach of ancient techniques which take advantage of light, sound and geometry to impart naturally optimised resonance frequencies sub-atomically into matter for powerful subtle-energy enhancements.

These natural enhancements are “good vibrations” which mimic natural rhythms in natures electric fields that have shown to be beneficial to human, animal and even plant life:

- Restructures and energises fluids
- Enhanced bioavailability and deeper penetration of actives within a product
- Natural anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties
- Improved cell-oxygen utilisation for rejuvenating and anti-aging effects
- Decreased viscosity of liquids

Enhanced Entourage

We see CBD as an ingredient rather than the sole focus of each of our products. All our products are created using a holistic approach of incorporating synergistic actives, terpenes and/or herbs that work to complement each other for enhanced and specialised effects in your body.

Homeostasis is key! This is your body's natural biochemical state of “balance”, whereby the use of our products can act to calm an overactive system as well as increase functionality of an under-stimulated metabolic pathway.

Simply put, your body can selectively direct the actives to work in complementary as well as antagonistic ways, based on the metabolic requirements of your unbalanced cellular pathways.

Advanced Sanitation

We utilise “natures disinfectant” in our laboratory process, which involves using a 100% natural, non-toxic, eco-friendly, and alcohol-free disinfectant: San-O-Tizers Hypochlorous acid solution. 

This powerful molecule is naturally produced in human white blood cells, so it is completely safe for humans, animals and the environment, and it is around 80 to 100 times more potent against harmful microorganisms that dangerous substances like bleach.