Your Pets & C.B.D. You will NOT BELIEVE the benefits!

Nothing compares to the happiness a fur baby can bring into a home. Not only do they provide us with unconditional love but having a pet decreases stress, improves heart health, and even helps children with their emotional and social skills! So it’s only natural that we want the best for our pets; the highest quality food, a safe home and a peaceful existence with us. Believe it or not, we’ve found something that can boost your pet’s immunity as well and encourage a calm and relaxed state: C.B.D

C.B.D. is the short name for cannabidiol , one of the two chemicals in cannabis with the most health benefits. When humans consume C.B.D., it’s benefits include pain treatment, less anxiety, and a stimulated appetite (without affecting your mental state). 

C.B.D. has no known toxicity level to animals, and when ingested by them, studies have shown that it has a variety of effects including managing pain, controlling seizures, or acting as an anti-inflammatory agent. Because of the rise in demand for C.B.D. for animals, we’ve developed convenient ways to give it to them in the form of treats and oils. Early research has shown that these may help with anxiety and depression, as well as having calming and relaxing effects.

Of course it is understood that we only want the best for our animals, and that is why The Olio Store has developed premium, locally made Pet Tinctures and Dog Treats. How do you know if your pets can benefit from these products? See if your pets suffer from the following:

✘ Ailment Examples
Nervousness/ Anxiety                                       
Ear Infections                                                    
Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease                  

✔ Effects of C.B.D. on Ailments
Calming & relaxing
Can help balance gut bacteria
Pain management
Stimulate appetite & increase energy

Even if your fur babies are healthy, make their improved immunity and well being a priority! Shop The Olio Store Pet Treats and Tincture today.


Remember to speak to your veterinarian about supplementing your animals with C.B.D.

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