How to Keep Your Hair Healthy This Summer!

Just as your skin health is cyclical and seasonal, as is the hair loss you're likely to suffer during winter. As the temperatures start to plummet, so too do the moisture levels in the air, which is what's ultimately to blame for your dry, brittle winter hair and even hair loss! You are also more likely to lose hair during the colder months due to the lack of hydration. So as the temperature rises and we’re looking to show off our locks, let’s look at ways to restore hair back to it’s best shape yet.

Genetics does play a role in maintaining healthy hair growth. However, several other factors also come into play. Although there’s no quick-fix remedy that will result in instant growth and overnight health, there are easy, natural steps you can take to help your hair grow and to prevent breakage.

Hydrate Hair

Water is the key source of minerals which are the most important nutrients for hair. Hair needs lubrication inside and out. Water hydrates our body, regulates our circulatory system and lubricates our hair follicles. This, in turn, stimulates hair growth. Hair hydration also implies that you provide enough water to the roots of your hair through proteins, humectants (things that promote retention of moisture) and natural humidity in the air. Retaining enough water content in your hair prevents it from becoming dry, frizzy and lifeless.

Get That Protein

Eating adequate protein is important for hair growth because hair follicles are mostly made of protein. A well-rounded diet is an important factor in hair and scalp health, so be sure to eat at least 45 grams of protein daily. Good sources include: lean beef, ground beef, chicken, salmon, eggs, peanut butter, cottage cheese and lentils. A lack of protein in the diet has been shown to promote hair loss.

Take a natural supplement rich in nutrients for your hair

The Olio Store has created Ultimate Hair - a synergistic blend of ingredients that assist with nourishing and nurturing new growth of your hair and nails. Some of the incredible natural ingredients in Ultimate Hair that assist in healthy hair growth and strength include:

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Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, stimulates keratin (a structural and protective protein that makes up hair and nails) production in hair and can increase the rate of follicle growth. Biotin is well known for its positive effects on hair including growing stronger thicker strands. It strengthens hair, making it less likely to break off at the ends, promoting and protecting length.

Bamboo extract which is known for its scalp-soothing properties, improves blood circulation in the scalp, strengthening hair follicles and promoting the growth of a thicker mane. This plant extract is also filled with antioxidant and anti-irritant properties that create an environment for more hair to grow. It’s our best kept secret for healthy hair, skin and nails!

Vitamin E is essential for healthy skin — and this includes your scalp. Poor scalp health is linked to lackluster hair quality . Vitamin E supports the scalp and gives your hair a strong base to grow from by reducing oxidative stress and preserving the protective lipid layer.

Because of its silica content, horsetail is  useful when trying to stimulate hair growth. The herb rejuvenates your hair, adding sheen to the appearance and strength to the hair shafts. It also contains selenium and cysteine, which are known to promote healthy hair growth.

Several of the minerals in sea kelp along with iodine will promote a healthier scalp and stronger hair. Sea kelp has already been added to many topical treatments to strengthening and nourishing hair and scalp. Our hair and scalp need proper hydration and sea kelp will hydrate both and improve dry hair. 

Studies have shown that retinoids can work to improve the condition of the skin on the scalp and promotes hair growth, reducing hair loss, helping to decongest hair follicles, as well improving the absorption of other ingredients aimed at boosting hair growth.

Folic acid is one of the best nutrients that can promote overall healthy hair. It helps to promote hair growth, add volume and even reduce the rate of premature greying o by amping up the body's cell production processes. If you're deficient in folate, taking supplements rich in them can result in the growth of new hair!

Get Trimmed

Although it seems counter-intuitive, trimming your hair while growing it out will actually encourage hair growth by getting rid of any damaged, broken, or split ends. This also allows long-term hair health with less need for expensive products or conditioners. A rule of thumb is that you should head to the salon about once every three months.

Stop the colouring & heat treatments

Altering the hair's protein structure through permanent dyeing can cause side effects that include loss of hair strength, less ability for your hair to handle heat styling and reduced hair thickness. Hair dye can also potentially cause allergic reactions and subsequent hair loss (because it aids in weakening your hair shaft and, if you lighten your locks, that can result in dry and brittle hair). Exposure to high heat from curling or straightening changes the shape of your hair's keratin strands. Temperatures over 149°C convert the ⍺-keratin to β-keratin, which eventually leads to weaker hair that has lost its elasticity and become more prone to damage.

Avoid playing with your hair too much

For some people it is a sub-conscious habit, for others it is a means of relieving stress/anxiety, but most people with hair-loss problems are culprits. Whether you're running your fingers through your hair constantly or tugging on parts, you are constantly agitating your hair follicles and weakening your roots making your hair much more susceptible to falling out. Try avoid touching your hair or replace your stress habits with something like a stress ball of sorts.

When it comes to hair, many are unsure of where to start. If it’s not conflicting information, it’s going through a bunch of different products with mixed results. It can be difficult to know what steps to take on our healthy hair journey. Fortunately, you have the simple-to-follow guidelines above and can easily enjoy healthier hair by the time summer is in full swing! 

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