Have You Heard of Interactive Pet Toys? Your Fur Babies Will Love These!

Humans and animals have always shared a special bond. There is even archaeological evidence dogs were the first animals domesticated by humans more than 30,000 years ago! Pets, especially dogs and cats, can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, ease loneliness, encourage exercise and playfulness, and even improve your cardiovascular health. Caring for an animal can help children grow up more secure and active and provide valuable companionship for older adults. They’re essentially family members. 

We all understand the responsibility of caring for animals - like providing adequate food, attention and exercise - is vital for their health and well-being. Exercise helps to lower our pet’s blood pressure, maintain healthy weights, build up  muscle, assist in the development of healthy bones and encourage them to relieve themselves so they'll be less likely to get constipation or develop urinary tract infections.

It’s very common to not have time to give your animals the adequate daily exercise they need (life can be demanding), and so, a great alternative to taking your animals for a stroll is to give them toys. Giving your pet a toy to play with gets your pet up and moving, which is good for their cardiovascular and muscle health. 

Every dog breed has different exercise needs. A general rule-of-thumb is that your dog should spend between 30 minutes and two hours being active every day. Experts recommend that cats should ideally spend an average of 30 minutes doing moderate exercise each day. This does not have to be running and indeed, you cannot force any pet to do anything that they don't want to. Enter The Olio Store’s Range of Interactive Pet Toys

At The Olio Store, we put all our focus towards providing you with all the tools to optimize your health and lifestyle needs. We believe that your pets quality of life is as important, when it comes to living in a holistic, happy and healthy household, which is why we have brought in Interactive Pet Toys to keep your furry friends entertained.

The Smart Bone is an automatic and intelligent dog toy. You can choose between interactive auto-play modes or control this amazing dog toy by using a joystick in drive mode via the app. It can automatically adjust how it reacts based on the different actions of your dog.

  • Programmed to attract your dog’s attention and does not require manual operation
  • By built-in 12 types of emotionally driven systems, this Smart Bone acts responsively to different types of touch, such as chasing, teasing, avoiding, etc.
  • Control the dog toy through the Wicked bone app, available for iOS and Android, and move it with its virtual joystick, choosing between the puppy toy's 9 Available motions, and you’ll soon create and discover new action combos as it runs
  • FDA food-grade polycarbonate of the body, cover, and tires, strong and soft, protects your puppy's claws and teeth
  • Its detachable tires and protecting cover are very easy to take off, and thus could be quickly and conveniently cleaned
  • It has a long battery life. It lasts more than 30 minutes in App mode, more than 2 hours in interactive mode, 1 month in sleep mode
This Smart Ball Interactive Cat Toy is specially designed for active, bored, and timid adult cats and kittens!

  • It has 3 interaction modes
  • Upon being turned on, it will automatically move, shake or bounce, among which you can switch to fit for different cat plays
  • LED lights will be on when the ball is operating, attracting cats to chase and capture it, stimulating their hunting instincts
  • The surface of the Smart Ball is made of synthetic fiber. Its furry touch makes cats feel comfortable to play with
  • The Smart Ball offers 10 minutes of active play and goes to rest mode for 30 minutes to keep your cats a good play-rest balance
  • One hour of charging supports 4 hours of playing
  • It has automatic obstacle avoidance. Thanks to the built-in intelligent motion sensor, Smart Ball Interactive Cat Toy is able to reverse itself and move away when hitting an obstacle or tight spots. No more worrying about it getting stuck in the corner
This intelligent Small Ball is ideal for your small to medium breeds! 

  • This Smart Ball Interactive Dog Toy has 3 modes
  • Upon being turned on, it will automatically move, shake or bounce among which you can switch to fit for different dog plays
  • Attention grabbing LED lights excite your pup
  • With an intelligent built-in obstacle avoidance sensor, the Smart Ball runs in random directions and moves away when it hits a wall, furniture, or other obstacles, keeping your dog excited by remaining unpredictable
  • Smart Ball can run on any type of hard floor such as marble, wood, tile floor, etc. 
  • Made from BPA-free and dog-friendly material
  • Smart Ball is a smart teasing toy that is durable, safe, and has low noise
  • The Smart Ball is suitable for dogs weighing up to 15kgs
  • The Smart Ball offers 10 minutes of active play and goes to rest mode for 30 minutes (touch to wake up) to keep your dogs a good play-rest balance
  • 1 hour of charging supports 4 hours of playing
This one is for the water-baby breeds like your Labradors. The Cyclone Ball  Interactive Dog Toy is completely water-proof!

  • Three reaction Modes and an intelligent companion system, no app required
  • Is water-proof toIPX67 standard which allows you and your pets to have just as much fun with the Cyclone Ball in the water as on land
  • It’s easy to clean with water as long as the outer shell is fastened tightly and securely
It is important for your pet to have an enriched life. They do so much for us, and so, it’s important for us as their care-takers to have their needs met, especially when it comes to having fun! Shop this fun new range of intelligent and interactive pet toys and enjoy seeing your pet completely fulfilled. 


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