Bamboo Leaf Extract is The Key to Natural Beauty!

The beauty industry has been seen as controversial and inconsistent, whereby toxic, or completely ineffective products have been on the market. Therefore, it’s not surprising that many people use so much money on the wrong beauty products that may end up, burning or damaging your skin, drying out your hair, and sending you down a deep cycle of trying to undo the damage, that could end up costing you a fortune. 

Bamboo Leaf Extract Health and Wellness Plant Based Medicine Hair Nail Skin Supplement The Olio Store Online South Africa
This is why many people around the world are now looking to the natural world, peeling back the dangerous synthesized lab creams and chemical supplements, and following in the footsteps of their ancestors. Using traditional methods and means to look after their skin and hair like bamboo leaf extract.

What is Bamboo Leaf Extract?

Bamboo leaves are medium to large and long, and lancelike in shape, they are deep green in colour and leathery to the touch. Bamboo leaves are typically harvested when they are about 30 centimetres in length and boast a mild, sweet taste with slight hints of green tea. These leaves are part of the evergreen plants that belong to the bamboo grass family. 
There are many different species of bamboo, and the most common species grows in and comes from China including the Black Bamboo. Their leaves are extremely versatile and can be used medicinally, for skin and hair treatments, to preserve or flavour food, and dried to use in Bamboo leaf tea.
As one of the healthiest plants in the world, bamboo leaves contains protein, amino acids, potassium, calcium, manganese, iron, which is known to help alleviate many ailments as well as promote improved blood circulation. As well as exhibiting high levels of antioxidant and antibacterial properties that can help heal and soothe your skin.   

Bamboo Leaf Extract Health and Wellness Plant Based Medicine Hair Nail Skin Supplement The Olio Store Online South Africa

What is Bamboo Leaf Extract Used for?

Bamboo leaves are high in silica and protein and have multiple uses and boast many benefits. It is made up of 70% natural silica, making it the best and richest source of silica known to man. Therefore it is a go-to product proven to promote healthy skin, hair, and bone growth. Bamboo leaf extract boasts incredible topical healing properties as from minor cuts or scrapes to sunburn soothing lotion. 
It is antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and acts as an antibiotic, additionally it is fantastic for rejuvenation and cell growth. Using a Bamboo leaf extract shampoo, for instance, will not only wash away dead skin cells, it helps to strengthen hair follicles, which results in fantastic hair growth, and thick luscious, and shiny locks. 
Bamboo leaf extract is a wonderful and soothing ingredient in topicals, but more than that it is growing in popularity as an ingestible supplement for hair and skin health. Additional to its health properties, the scientific community is looking at this supplement as a possible solution for hair-loss and new hair growth promotion. When we want to look our best it’s time to start looking to eliminate harsh chemicals and embrace extracts that will help us get healthier and stronger in the long run. 

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