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Skin Spray - Hypochlorous Solution - The Oliō Store

Skin Spray - Hypochlorous Solution

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Premium Quality Hypochlorous Solution suitable for all skin types.

What Is Hypochlorous (HOCL)

It is a substance, naturally created by our white blood cells, that acts as the body's first line of defence against bacteria, irritation, and injury.

Effective For

- Skin rejuvenation and ageing skin

- Dehydrated and dull complexion

- Repairing damaged, burnt, infected and inflamed skin

- Combatting skin conditions including (but not limited to) psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, erythema, rosacea, rashes, acne and cold-sores

- Preventing scarring, keratosis, hyperpigmentation and discoloration

- Enhanced recovery from invasive skin treatments (derma-pen, micro-needling, laser and acid peels) as well as cosmetic surgeries

- Removal of excess dirt or makeup


- Anti-Microbial

- Non-Dehydrating

- Anti-inflammatory

- Cell Repair

- Vegan Friendly

- 100% Natural

- Safe

- Eco-Friendly

- Cruelty Free

- Anti-aging

- Hypoallergenic

- Non-toxic

- Halal

Free from sulphates, alcohols, SLS, silicon, pthalates, pesticides, mineral oils, or fragrances.


Spray directly onto clean skin and allow to dry naturally. To remove excess dirt and makeup, or to use as a skin toner, spray 8-10 pumps onto a cotton pad and wipe gently over the face, neck and chest area. Carry your spray with you wherever you go so that you can spray as desired, after your workout, in the heat to cool down or even just to clean your hands on the go.


The contents of this product are purified reverse osmosis H2O, NaCl (Salt), and HOCl (Hypochlorous Acid). 350ppm


Store below 25°C in a cool dry place.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Dinesh Govender
Miracle spray

My acne has cleared completely and my skin has stopped flaking. What an incredible product this is

Jess Doreta
No more rash!

I tried the skin spray after my face got a Rosacea type rash, and I saw a difference even within two days of using it, now my rash is gone but I love the spray so much I use it as a face toner to prevent the rash coming back